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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions - StorageVault

What is StorageVault?

StorageVault is a Cloud Backup service from Rapidweb Networks that that provides Fast and Secure Cloud backup.

A cloud backup system automates the process of backing up your important computer records and transferring them to a secure off-site location.

The backup software is installed on your server or computers, and schedules are set to automatically back them up. This information is transmitted via a secure link using your internet connection to our backup vault.

Fast and Secure Cloud Backup for every platform

StorageVault provides Fast and Secure Cloud Backup for Windows and Linux Workstations and Servers as well as Mac OS

StorageVault is for more than just Files and Folders

StorageVault provides Fast and Secure Cloud Backup for Windows and Linux desktops and servers as well as Mac OS. 

Not only do we provide premium cloud backup services for your Workstation and Server documents, we also back up Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL Server, Windows System state, MongoDB and MySQL servers. 

Files and Folders

Easily protect files/folders in Windows, Linux and MacOS with the added benefits of configuration for:

  • Custom schedules
  • Custom exclusions
  • Custom retention
  • Remotely configuring backups from your server

Disk Image Backup

Protect entire disks and partitions on Windows for full system recovery. Restore your system to physical, VM or the cloud. 

  • Backup directly to the cloud (Azure, AWS, etc)
  • No spool space required
  • Restore directly to devices/partitions ‘bare-metal recovery’
  • Restore as virtual disk files (.vmdk)

Windows Server System State

Windows Server System State supports backing up System State .vhd files. Backup may include:

  • Active Directory
  • Boot files
  • The COM+ registration
  • The system registry hive and other system files

Protect Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and above, including SQL Server 2019

Protect Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and above, including Exchange Server 2019. 

Protect all versions of Hyper-V running on Windows Server, Including Windows Server 2016. Backing up a Hyper-V Virtual machine with StorageVault includes, but is not limited to:

  • Virtual machine configuration files
  • All attached virtual drives
  • The contents of the memory (should the virtual machine be running)
  • The full tree of saved checkpoints

Protect MongoDB databases with no additional spool space required. This allows you to backup:

  • Self-hosted MongoDB server software
  • MongoDB Community Server
  • MongoDB Enterprise Server
  • TokuMX / Percona Server for Mongo

Protect Cloud hosted MongoDB services (SaaS):

  • MongoDB Atlas
  • Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB Compatibility
  • Azure CosmosDB’s API for MongoDB
  • Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB
Client-side deduplication

StorageVault has fast, bandwidth-efficient backups as deduplication is client-side, saving storage space.

Incremental Forever

Your oldest backup can restore just as fast as your most recent. No need for differentials or delta-merging.

No Full Re-uploads

After the first backup, you’ll never have to re-upload the full file again. Saving you bandwidth, time and money

Compressed & Encrypted

During backup, transit, and storage your data is encrypted with military-grade encryption. 

New Zealand Datacentres

Our NZ datacentres make StorageVault the perfect solution foe customers looking to backup sensitive information

Lightweight and Fast

The StorageVault backup client is very lightweight and efficient, it runs silently in the background without affecting performance 

Support Included

If you ever need support or assistance with StorageVault we’re just a phone call away, 24×7

Global Storage Available

We have global storage available in our selected approved international datacentres for offshore replication

Sensitive data that can’t be stored off-shore?

Not a problem! Our secure New Zealand Datacentres make StorageVault the ideal solution for protecting sensitive information such as medical data. 

Its easy to get started

Step 1.
Download & Install our software

Once signed up you will recive an Email with links to our backup portal. Download the client and install it to get start.

Step 2.
Choose what to protect

Once the client is installed you will create a new protected item or application. These can be files and folders or a range of applications.

Step 3.
Choose your schedule

After selecting the items to protect you will proceed to setup a backup schedule. The backup schedule can be set anywhere from once per minute

Step 4.
Relax with piece of mind

Now that you’ve got your backups all set up, run your first backup and check that your next backup is scheduled to run. 

Pricing Plans

Public pricing available soon.

E-Mail to get started now.



We are dedicated to answer every question you have for us. Below we have answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
If you cant find the answer your looking for below reach out to us on or call 0800 727 439

Does the backup client send email reports?

Yes. You can enable Email alerts in your backup client.

Backup reports will be delivered from our servers via 

Contact us if you need a hand getting this setup. 

Do I have to backup to StorageVault Cloud?

No. Although you should always have an offsite copy of your important data.
Our software allows you to backup to custom locations too. You can backup to local SMB / iSCSI targets, S3 Storage, SFTP Servers, and more. 

Is there a minimum commitment?

The minimum monthly commitment is your software charges plus a minimum storage allocation of 10GB.
You are not locked into any contracts and can cancel at any time.
Our software will not continue to function once your account has been canceled. 

I'm an IT/MSP Provider, can I lock the software?

Yes, you can. 
In the settings, you can lock the software so that a password is required to access the backup software

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions - StorageVault

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